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    Excel: Need help with macro for data management

    I have a problem with data management. Hope I can get help for this, so I'll be able to apply it on my database.

    I have 3 workbooks (only 1 worksheet each) with 2 fields: Name & Data. The "Name" field writes "Example A", "Example B" & "Example C", and the name of the file is the same as the name (i.e. "Example A", "Example B" & "Example C").

    I want to create a data mangement workbook that does the following:

    1. List out the names of the workbook in my database. For example:
    _____Serial Name
    _________1 Example A
    _________2 Example B
    _________3 Example C
    2. Search function so that when I click the icon "Search", I can type in "Example B" and it opens the workbook in a new sheet.
    3. New entry function so that when I click the icon "New", I can create a new workbook in the same format (i.e. single worksheet, 2 fields) into my database.

    Please help!!!!

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    I don't completely understand what you are after. I would recommend, if you want to accomplish a data management workbook to create one workbook and combine all the worksheets into 1 database. If desired you could have a third field named "Example" with A, B, C as the entries. This would allow analyses of all the data using autofilter and subtotals to recreate the look of the individucal sheets and even the use of a pivot table.

    In particular, I do not understand #1 or what exactly you need help with.
    Items #2 and 3: Excel already has built in routines for searching and creating a new workbook. If you want to create specific routines, could you please clarify exactly what the routines should do. When you enter in "Example B" what is exactly to be searched. And For #3 what does creating a new workbook into your database mean exactly?


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