Okay, before I kill the Rules Wizard ( <img src=/S/bif.gif border=0 alt=bif width=70 height=28>), perhaps someone could help me!

I get a number of emailed newsletters, which I then pass around to interested people in the office. First up, I can't send them to a distribution list as Outlook won't let me (dunno why, just says it can't). Secondly, I can't say they're "from" someone, unless that someone is defined as a contact in my address book.

At least, I *can*, but I have to open the message and choose "new rule from this message" or whatever the text is. Then I can do it, but only for that sender. Some emailed letters, however, have different senders for different bits (for example, the regular digest plus a one-off special bulletin). I don't want to create different rules for each one, but without creating contacts for them or searching the text of the sender's address or subject, I can't. Aargh! It's not easy! <img src=/S/scream.gif border=0 alt=scream width=15 height=15>

Oh, and that's another thing I haven't been able to work out yet - I normally save sent messages, but when forwarded messages from these newsletters have been sent, I want to delete them. Can I create a composite rule that forwards the messages out of the inbox and then deletes the sent messages, or do I have to create separate rules, or even (chance would be a fine thing) tell it not to create a copy when forwarding?

Please help! <img src=/S/grovel.gif border=0 alt=grovel width=31 height=23>