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    Unhappy Word 2007 formatting emergency

    i was wrting my thesis..editing my headings styles and after i finished i saved the file...
    when i re open it...i found that all the headings styles has gone too small non readable although in the modify the font is 18 or 15 but it is still so can i fix it...
    please help me in a hurry today...i have a deadline to finish my thesis writing
    i am afraid that it will happen again with all chapter i want to know how to be fixed

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    look at the tool bar
    mine has a box that says normal
    click the arrow
    see the special formatting for headers etc

    if they are wrong then change the values you want there

    if they are right then verify that you have them set where you think you do on the document

    if both fail then
    cut and past the entire thing into wordpad
    get rid of all formatting

    open the document as a document
    check and if necessary then edit the file to be what you want for headings and formatting values

    then reenter the formatting where you want it by using the formatting not changing the font size manually for each textblock. let the formatting change it by applying the correct style to each header etc.

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    I hope you are not using the Master Documents "feature."

    If you are, close out of Word. Using Windows, copy each component part to a separate folder. Copy all of those to a backup that can be separated from your computer.

    Write back.
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