As I'm sure most do, the 1st thing I do when browsing Facebook is sort by most recent. However, when using chrome lately, I click on the sort button and instead of dropping down in place (below the sort button), I see a little something pop up in the top left corner barely visible which looks to be my most recent drop-down option window and when I click on the sort button again, the drop-down disappears from the top left corner. Because it's so far out of sight and barely visible (I can only see the bottom right corner) I'm not able to click most recent to sort from. I have tried clearing browsing data, creating a new chrome profile, disabling all extensions, nothing works except for switching to a different browser. Also, if there is a certain post I want to disable or block and I click on the little arrow for the post to drop down the options, this also pops up in the top left corner instead of dropping down below the arrow like it should.

Does this make sense to anyone and has this happened to anyone? If so, is there a fix for chrome or am I doomed to switch browsers when browsing Facebook? It's not a big deal because I'm not a Facebook fiend but I do like to browse it a few times per week. Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance!