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    Need to apply code to filter & sum (97)

    Need to apply code to filter & sum
    I have a workbook in excel 97 with several sheets in the same format. On the workbooks open event I

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    Re: Need to apply code to filter & sum (97)

    Arage, you don't really need all that code: just find the last row and do a conditional sum. HTH --Sam
    <pre>Option Explicit
    Sub SumPerH()
    Dim lastRow As Integer
    lastRow = Range("H9").End(xlDown).Row + 1
    With Cells(lastRow, 10)
    .FormulaArray = "=SUM(IF(ISNUMBER(R[-" & lastRow - 9 & _
    "]C8:R[-1]C8),R[-" & lastRow - 9 & "]C:R[-1]C,0))"
    .AutoFill Destination:=Range(Cells(lastRow, 10), Cells(lastRow, 16)), _
    End With
    End Sub</pre>

    PS, I didn't figure this out myself, I just recorded a macro on some sample data and then substituted lastRow in the needed places.
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