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    How does Windows 8 define a computer in their EULA?

    I ran across someone who had the System Builder Win8 upgrade she bought from Office Depot just after it came out. She had to replace her hard drive and reloaded her drive using the Upgrade disk. It would not successfully activate so she called MS and was sent to technical support who remoted into her computer, accessed the registry, and made a change that activated the PC. The MS guy told her that changing a hard drive (or optical drive or anything else) in Windows 8 changed the product ID on the systems page and required reactivation by MS.

    Because this was an upgrade used to reload this might be a special incident but I'm curious to hear if anyone else has had similar issues.

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    What causes activation to be required is always somewhat a mystery. Microsoft tinkers with its activation scheme with each release it seems. Usually, if an HD is replaced a certain time period after the initial activation a reactivation is not required. In the past I think that has been about 90 days. However, if more than one component was changed at the same time that could be what kicked off the activation.

    NOTE: System Builder SKUs may be different in their leniency about re-activation.

    Microsoft is almost always good about re-activation calls when the situation is explained.


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    When my hard disk started failing (when I had Win 7) and I replaced it, the reactivation was done online, and was so easy I can't even remember what I did. But I remember being a bit anxious at what I would need to do!

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