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    Drive incorrectly identified in BIOS-missing files

    I am running windows seven and have several different drives. The drive I'm having a problem with (SATA) is connected via a hot swappable bay. I switched the drive with another one of my drives to access information on it and then put the original drive back in. Now none of the files or folders are visible and appear to be gone. I checked the BIOS and noticed that the drive is identified wrong. What I mean is that two of my drives now are showing as having the same model designation. This is bizarre and I don't know how to fix this. I tried several different data recovery soft wares (get data back, recuva, etc.) and would really like some ideas from all of you.

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    Take the hot-swap out of the equation and directly connect the 'problem' drive via normal SATA, if it is detected correctly in the BIOS, boot into Windows and see if you can access/recover your data.

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