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    Question UPDATE: Sluggish Connectivity: Firefox, Chrome, IE and Windows Live Mail

    UPDATE: Just in case some helpful Lounger is already trying to solve this .... finally realized issue had to be the actual wireless internet connection since it was also occurring on our phones. So called our ISP and, after attempts to troubleshoot over the phone proved unsuccessful, they set up tech visit. Apparently there is a problem with the signal from the ISP to our modem. Frustrating to be sure but at least it looks as if it isn't something I'd inadvertently done!!

    ORIGINAL CASE: Not quite sure where to post this. It seems to be a connectivity issue, but is not unique to any one browser as noted in post title.

    Starting yesterday both PC and laptop (Windows 7, SP!) began acting strange in the connectivity area. Emails took a very long time to load on the laptop, web sites loaded slowly, some articles I opened to read online kept dinging at me and the hourglass kept flickering off and on.

    Today, same symptoms, only worse. Well, the dinging isn't happening on those article pages. The loading circles rotate seemingly endlessly (although they finally stop when entire site is loaded); email is even slower and PC email has slowed, too (one address seizes up and won't receive or send at all); downloads are impossible (tried to update Adobe Shockwave Player on both PC and laptop but gave up after 10 minutes and almost no progress!), couldn't open Secunia PSI for another look - it just wouldn't load (yesterday, no problem).

    Background: in preparation for imaging both computers yesterday, all patching done (following Susan Bradley's advice in her column), both were cleaned up with CCleaner as were StartUp folders, any Java plugins were disabled in all browsers, disks were defragged (although not needing to be apparently), Malwarebytes AntiMalware was run and any issues deleted - in other words, I thought both computers were in good clean shape ... then this started.

    Have I done something inadvertently? All browsers are the latest versions. Wireless signal is "Excellent".

    I'm sure stumped so any suggestions would be hugely appreciated.


    Linda (now let's hope this can get sent!!)
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