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    Question Vista Update KB2808679 fails

    Here's what I posted on Microsoft Answers earlier this month:

    I've been trying to execute a Vista Business Udate on an old pentium TP (X40) for many

    days. It's got only 40 gb hard drive, 1 gb memory and 3.5 GB free. {I may be pushing

    the envelope with this old machine. 9/30 -- Jack}

    The problemis vista update fails kb2808679 ---- from June patch.

    Most updates install.

    The errors are "windows_update 80070020" and"windows_update_dt000". There is no entry in

    WindowsUpdate log for this update.

    I have installed Supplemental Update Repair tool and that ran without error. I've tried

    safemode. and the Fixkit for this as well as the beta fixkit which bombed with an error

    message: 0X80040154 (hard to read as graphic).

    I use this system only as backup.

    I'd like to get installed but if the problem that it protects is not serious, and I'm

    behind a router, with firewall, and only use the system for browsing, I'd stop trying to

    fix it and live with it.

    Help and comments appreciated.


    Jack Cadogan


    Supplement to "vista update fail kb2808679"

    Sept 23:

    Note: since the original message; I've tried everythnig I could find. Today I looked at
    Windowsupdate.log and found lots of
    "2013-09-21 13:17:17:040 1132 140 DnldMgr * Update is not allowed to

    download due to regulation."

    The only problem is KB 2808679; everything else updates fine. I asked for help on

    Microsoft Answers on August 17 without response.

    I thought Microsoft was supposed to help with update problems.

    I have done manual updates many times; each time the update ostensibly completes, only to

    be told thereafter in the normal update screen that the update did not install.

    Does anyone know if not installing this leaves the user of the machine at risk in



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    Microsoft will help with Windows Update problems. You have to contact them directly not through the Answers site. the Answers site is just another online forum. Start at Microsoft Support - Contact Us.


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    JCadogan, I think you mean KB2808679, not KB2898679 which does not exist.
    I wish you can "edit" the forum topic and change the KB number from 2898679 to 2808679.

    Try downloading & installing the update from the Microsoft download center > KB2808679 32bit or 64bit
    But check to see if you are using either a 32bit (x86) or 64bit (x64) edition of Windows Vista Business edition before downloading the update.

    On my Vista SP2 x86 computer, KB2808679 installed correctly.
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    Topic title changed to reflect the correct KB#.

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