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    Problem with a 3TB drive

    Quote Originally Posted by Woody View Post
    Welcome to the shiny new version of The Lounge!

    Those of you who have been with me since the beginning - 15 years now, eh? - have been, uh, treated to several major makeovers in Lounge software. Along the way we've gone from being a small, shoestring operation to what you see now: quite likely the largest independent help board for Microsoft software, a life support system for the hapless seeking help.

    Today marks another big day in the evolution of The Lounge. We're switching the guts of the system over to vBulletin, a board software system that's widely regarded as the best in the industry. There are two big reasons for the shift. First, going with vBulletin will give us lots of room to grow. Second, we now have at our beck and call a sizable pool of tech support people who know the inner workings of vBulletin.

    You may have noticed the changes in the user interface. I, personally, think the new version is tremendous - much easier to figure out, and easier to use particularly for folks who spend a lot of time here. There were also many changes made under the covers.

    That's just the beginning. Since we now have a bunch of support people, all sorts of improvements are possible. Stay tuned.

    Got an idea? A suggestion? A... gripe? You came to the right place. Post your feedback right here, and let's see what we can do to turn The Lounge into the best board in the biz.
    Hello Woody, Being a Pensioner, my budget is tight, but I wanted to come back in from the cold. I was with Fred Langa for many years and joined you when you merged. Your phrase, 'a life support system for the hapless seeking help.' is brilliant Now that I'm back in, I'm in desperate need of help - my new Toshiba 3TB only registers as 746GB. Amazingly, the well known UK dealer where I made the purchase (over the Internet) can't/won't help, saying he has never heard of the problem - despite Google indicating it is a widespread problem. Not being a 'Techie' I could on ly get as far as the problem might be something to do with 'Intel RST' but when I got an error message telling me my Win7 equipment wasn't compatible, I quietly slipped below the surface and I'm still blowing bubbles. Toshiba haven';t replied so I'm hoping someone can steer me in the right direction, with some clear 'easy to understand instructions. I'm off to the Lounge now, to have a look round. Many thanks for your warm welcome. PS - Maybe I should have stuck with 2TB Drives - I installed two of them three yeares ago, and they went in clean as a whistle. It seems that 3TB is a step too far !! Kind Regards, Geoff.
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    ??Is your system an MBR one (Master Boot Record), or a newer UEFI/GPT one???


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    Several factors go into using a 3TB drive as a system drive. One, must be using 64-bit version of Win 7 OS. Two as mentioned above, GPT type drive is required, MBR is only good to 2.19TB. Third is the requirement for the RST version to be 10.1 (if I remember correctly) or later.

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