I fitted a brand new 3TB drive into an external enclosure, intending to use it as one large storage area for films, music, and backup. It will not be used as a boot drive. I initialised the drive and the drive showed 746GB - there was no choice. I'm using Win7 Home Premium with all updates. The computer is a home build from the time Win7 was first released - five years plus (?) I am definitely not a 'Techie' so I Googled 'My 3TB Toshiba Drive is only showing 746GB' and was amazed to find that 746GB is a common problem with 3TB drives. One Google result suggested that it was caused by an out of date Intel RST driver.(?) I downloaded an updated version, but when I ran it, I got an error message saying my equipment was not compatible. I was well out of my depth so rang Aria. I was gobsmacked when he said he had never heard of the problem, and no, he wasn't joking. However, he gave me every assistance and eventually decided it was the Intel driver at fault. When I told him I had already tried that route, he offered to carry out more research and call me back. So many of the Google entries started off with the same description as me, and while a number of them mentioned the Intel RST driver, others were talking about Bios (?) something called IEFI or something like that. I know from Google that a 3TB drive cannot be MBR - it has to be GUID - I did that OK, exactly as described. When I initialised the drive, that's when I saw the size of 746GB, Basic. There was nothing about Partitions - and I don't want t them anyway. The two drives sized at 2TB from three years ago gave me no trouble at all - I installed them the same way as I've done for this 3TB drive - the difference is that they are still working - I think they show 1.85 TB actually. I emailed Toshiba yesterday, so it's perhaps to early to be expecting a reply.
Why is Google full of this 746GB 'limit' and yet there was nothing on the web site (Aria) and nothing that came with the drive. Try entering "My 3TB Toshiba drive has initialised OK but only shows 746GB and this cannot be changed (?)" and see just how big the problem is. If you guys don't have a fix, it will be going back for a refund - not fit for purpose perhaps. Tensof thousands of hits on Google tells me it's NOT a minor problem that is easily fixed (??) I'm really hoping one of you tech wizards can help an old fogie like me. I'll gladly supply any further details you might need - just don't go too technical with me - I don't have a Degree in Computer Technology !!