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Thread: windows back up

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    windows back up

    I have new HP pavilion laptop with win8 and tried to make a sys image through it's own back up program. It burns 3 discs and then I get an error message (cant remember now what it said) and says it needs to reboot then I have to start over. it's done this twice now. And the same thing went on when I tried to use the back up program with win7 on a different computer a couple years ago. I just thought MAYBE that win8 would be different. What is it with windows and their built in back up programs not working for me? Am I missing something here? I'm trying not to spend $50 for acronis because this new laptop set me back enough for right now. I know I should have made a snapshot of the error message but I don't think I should have gotten one at all must less a reboot to lose what had been done. Has anyone out there had any success with a win8 or 7 backup or sys image? I know most of you guys use a paid program but just wondering.

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    I don't know if most use a paid program or not, a good percentage use Macrium Reflect free and I and a few others use EaseUS ToDo Backup free. For single system imaging they work fabulously.

    p.s. I have had success using Win7 built in imaging and backup but didn't like the process or the storage format so only used it once and abandoned it.
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    instead of using CDs try using an external hard drive for backups. it's faster and cheaper overall....

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    How much is your data and time worth?

    Is your data worth the cost of a good backup program? In many cases its value far exceeds the backup program cost.

    How much is your time worth? A properly made disk image can be restored in less than an hour. Reinstalling Windows and applications can take much more time.

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    There are several rules, for good/safe hard drive backups.

    The backup program must make an exact Picture/Image of your 'C' drive, and store that image on some external media, like a DVD, Flash Drive or USB hard drive.

    If the backup cannot boot your system, then you will need to have the Backup/Restore program on a Boot disk, like a CD or Flash Drive.

    A very good backup will do you absolutely NO good at all, if you can't boot up your PC and run the restore program. If your main drive crashes, any Backup/Restore program on it, is GONE forever.

    Most credible Backup programs will offer to make a recovery CD for you. Make sure you do that.

    There is NO need at all, to even consider Paying for Backup software, when there are so many titles available for FREE. Most every one, mentioned here are FREE if you just look around. Eh?

    Good Luck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mtbarbee View Post
    Am I missing something here? I'm trying not to spend $50 for acronis because this new laptop set me back enough for right now. Has anyone out there had any success with a win8 or 7 backup or sys image?

    Hello... Forget the Windows Backup ... It's a horrid , clumsy and clunky program when even compared to the free alternatives.. Also forget Acronis ... Their support and Imaging program's have gone downhill since 2010 ( my opinion only) I have Acronis 2012 and 2013 and won't use them again .. I have used Macrium Reflect Pro ( pay for) and the Free version ...They work ! There will be a learning curve ...but the lounge can offer help. Don't "fool" with DVD \ CD backups ....much better off with an off PC HD or Flash drive.... Checkout Macrium and post back with any questions Regards Fred

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    This is one place where Fred and I tend to disagree. I have great success with Acronis True Image 2013 on our 2 PCs, both in creating and restoring Images. Macrium Reflect is also a good alternative. We each have our own favorites. The point is no matter what you use, they are no good if you don't use them. And as DrWho mentioned, be sure to create a Boot Disk with whatever Imaging app you are using.
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