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    Volume control freezes shutdown

    I'm running Win7 64-bit, fully updated, with a Microsoft ergonomic keyboard (and related software).

    I just performed a restart at a time when the volume control was turned all the way up and, when the logoff sound blasted me, I instinctively hit the Volume Down button on the keyboard. I hit the button shortly after the screen changed to the shutdown screen with the "logging off" message, and hitting that button caused the little progress circle to the left of the "logging off" message to stop moving and froze the shutdown.

    After waiting a while and trying the Esc key and Ctrl-Break a few times, I ended up shutting down the PC with the power button. When I restarted, I got a warning screen informing me that Windows hadn't shut down normally.

    A few questions...

    1. Has anybody else experienced a Win7 shutdown freeze tied to hitting a key at the wrong moment?

    2. Is there anything I can tweak to minimize the risk of similar freezes in the future?

    3. As a general thing (never mind what caused any particular freeze), does anybody know any tricks for breaking Windows out of a shutdown freeze so that a (more or less) normal shutdown is accomplished?

    4. Does anybody else think Windows should be coded so that just about any error encountered in the course of a shutdown is a handled error that doesn't freeze the shutdown?
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