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    Files search in Windows 8 (and Win7)


    In Window 8 the only files search facility that comes up easily (the default one which is the one you get via the 'pop up' from mousing the right had margin of the screen, and is the same as the option given in the upper right when you have 'computer' window open) is a one line search box (with no options). My wife uses Windows 7 and also misses the 'Advanced search' she formerly used in Windows XP.

    Certainly the operation of the Windows 8 search is quite spectacular in finding results, so maybe one doesn't much need any longer need the old "Advanced search" mechanisms of focussing search by time, location, file types etc.? But is such advanced search around if still desired?



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    Quote Originally Posted by John Geo-sites View Post
    But is such advanced search around if still desired?

    Hello... There is a free program that i use that finds anything on your PC ... ultrafilesearch check it out and configure it however you like. Regards Fred

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    Search also works by simply starting to type a search parameter anywhere on the Start Screen. You do not need to go to the search page. I wonder if any of these pages would give a clue about the advanced search question.
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    Copernic Desktop Search now supports Windows 8. It's not free though. There's also X1 Desktop Search. However they do also search inside Outlook emails if that helps you (which I find useful too - I can search the desktop and Outlook at the same time).

    Under Windows 8, I don't think it natively searches inside files any more like Win 7 did. Anyway, as Medico says, you can go to your W8 start screen and just type anywhere - then a search bar will pop up on the right and you can select what kind of search you want: Apps, Settings or Files. It's not very granular. You can find more info here:

    Another way to search in Win 8 if you're searching for files is to open the File Explorer wherever you want and click in the search bar in the Ribbon. This can search on any disk such as USB disks. When you click in the Search bar and/or type anything there you'll see a Search Tools/Search Tab at the top of the ribbon that wasn't there before. You can use this to create a much more granular file search than by the other Win 8 native methods. I've included a screen shot so you can see the options.
    This feature will allow you to search non-indexed locations if you want.
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