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    Question backupstack.exe hogs CPU

    I thought someone had discussed this on Windows Secrets at some point, but "search" says otherwise. I'm using XP, fully updated, and there's a process called backupstack.exe that eats CPU time -- 40% for about a minute earlier this evening. Yes, I like to have a backup of the stack, but I also like a responsive computer. Open apps: Firefox (with a bezillion tabs ...), 2 excel files, 2 Word files, Outlook, and one Windows Explorer window. Other issues possibly relevant: only 24 GB empty on a 140 GB hard disk, 2 GB main memory on a 6 year old machine. Yes, I KNOW I need to upgrade. Next month! Is backupstack doing what it should?

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    If you use or, then you probably need it.

    If not, look for one of those programs to uninstall.

    What is "backupstack.exe"?


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