So I've been using 2008R2 as a domain controller for a while now.

Historically, whenever I've had to use the server I have done so on the primary Administrator account which is created during install.

Just recently my circumstances have changed and I have decided to create additional administrator accounts so that myself and the other admins don't have to share the 'primary' admin account when working on the server.

However, when I log on with another account which has been put into the Administrators group, Internet Explorer will last for a couple of minutes (or about 3 web pages in) before it stops loading any content and becomes unresponsive.

I am currently using IE10 although the problem was also happening before I upgraded from IE9. The main Administrator account still runs IE fine. Changing browser is not an option, and yes I have tried a full system re-install and the problem persists.

Anyone know why this is happening or how to fix it?

We cannot continue using the main Admin account and we need to be able to access web-pages.

Thanks in advance for your advice.