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    How to prevent windows from shutting down without saving a document

    How can I prevent a user from shutting down Windows 7 without saving an open Word document first?

    This issue is that the user forgets to save their document, instead leaving it open and unsaved. The user shuts down, forgetting to save the document. Word politely prompts them to save their document, but they don't see the message and instead walk away. Windows eventually does the shutdown with no saving of the document.

    Yes, Word saves a copy of the document every few minutes, but not in the same place as the original document. This means somebody else, looking for the document in the proper place (in this case on a network drive) finds an old outdated version or no version at all.

    I am looking for a program that will prevent the shutdown until the document is saved. Preferably it won;t even allow the shutdown to start, instead putting up a message that the user cannot miss. I did find a program, but it was written for XP and does not work on Windows 7.

    Any ideas?

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    It strikes me that what is needed here is user education rather than more software. Even the XP solution isn't perfect - as they could hit shutdown and then walk away. Users (and I'm assuming a work scenario here) should ensure that their PC is shutting down before leaving it. In my old organisation (I'm retired now), this was a mandatory requirement and security staff on their rounds were told to shut down any PCs found on (unless a notice stating they had to be on was left).

    Users eh? The world would be perfect if it wasn't for them!

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