Hi all,

I manage a small university library with about 10 student employees. Recently, my old computer died and I was "upgraded" from Office 2007 to Office 2010, including Outlook 2010. In recreating a distribution list/contact group I use to mail all my employees at once, I've found myself unable to easily add some names. Here's what's happening:

Under "My Contacts," I have the original "Contacts" folder, one I created (or maybe Outlook did?) for "Distribution Lists," a folder I made for my staff called "Student Employees" (where all my employees' info is), and one Outlook created called "Suggested contacts." Here's a picture:


After creating the contact group and placing it in Distribution Lists, I was able to add about half my employees by using the "Add Member" button and, eventually, finding them for some reason under "suggested contacts." The other half doesn't appear there, however. When I use "Add Members" and try either "From Outlook Contacts" or "From Address Book," I cannot find the "Student Employees" folder. Only the original contacts folder and "suggested contacts," plus every other address book on the university's Exchange Server.

So, is there any way for me to point Outlook to the "Student Employees" folder so I can add these folks to the contact group, or must I copy their entries to Contacts to do this, thus defeating the purpose of having separate folder?

Thanks in advance for any help.