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    SubForm Result


    I have a main form which displays the results in the subform.

    My requirement :

    I have 1 main form and 2 subforms in that form.

    I just wanted to have a get focus function on my 1st subform and needs to display the focusing result in the next 2nd subform.

    In Detail :

    I had a main form of search boxes Author, Published, title

    If you search for 1999 in published text box then it will display all the results whose published year is 1999 along with those respective Author and Title in the 1st subform

    In the result 1st subform if an ID is selected by the cursor then that entire row needs to be displayed in the next 2nd subform (As of now I wanted only 2 column details of the focussed result).

    1st subform needs to display all the searched results (It was done and it works fine)

    2nd subform needs to display the selected results (On Focus) of 1st subform.

    Could you kindly let me know how to deal with the 2nd subform linking uo with the 1st subform.

    Attached is the file. Kindly have a look into this and let me know on how to proceed further.

    Can anyone help me out in getting done with the 2nd subform.
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