This ' No Data Received' is apparently epidemic per Google search. I had it and it prevented me from pasting anything into a post. My computer nerd, Mark, solved the problem for me - just hold down the 'Shift' key when pasting.

"The problem is not with Firefox, Chrome, or any other browser. The
problem is with WordPress. There is a security plugin that you can use
that prevents anyone from copy/pasting to any text field. This is to
prevent hackers setting up robots that go around putting text into text
fields to try to break in. Some of the places I go to pay my bills
online have this "feature". What you should try is the old
Menu->Edit->Paste and see if that will work. If it does - great! If
not - then that is also locked out.

I haven't tried this - but something you can try doing is to hold down
the shift key and then try pasting or holding down the Control-I keys
and pasting. Because the keys are held down the security thing will
think you are typing rather than pasting the information into the text
field. But this is just a guess as to how to get around this problem.

It is a pain in the butt. Especially since I use really long passwords
and use RoboForm to enter those passwords into websites. The ones that
don't allow you to just paste the information in - I have brought up the
Roboform toolbar to get around the problem. I'm not sure how Roboform
does get around this but I suspect it has to do with Roboform
circumventing the input process to put in the passwords. Not something
you can do easily.