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    Spontaneous hibernate/sleep win 7 Part the second

    I originally posted a thread requesting assistance re Spontaneous hibernate/sleep win 7 !-10-2013

    I carried out the actions as detailed in the original. This reduced the number of times my system spontaneously went into hibernate/sleep mode to once every two or three days. I have replaced the GE7300 graphics card 256mb memory with GeForce 210 card 1024mb DDR3. Actually it was my tech who checked out my system and set up the new card. The power supply was also updated to a 550 unit. The BIOS has been changed in the last 18 months the tech advised to forgo the update as it was a minor one - this I did. The tech tested the system after the changes and found no problems. I've had the system running for 12 to 15 hrs daily with no problems. As far as I can assert the problem has been fixed. Thank you again to those who responded with suggestions to my earlier request. Keeps me busy in retirement !! Regards from Down Under

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    Thanks for the update, and glad you got it sorted out.
    Create a fresh drive image before making system changes, in case you need to start over!

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