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    Windows small business antivirus and anti-malware suggestions?

    Good day.

    I am looking for an antivirus and malware solution for our small network. Our 'main machine' is running the free version of VMware esxi 5.0 hosting 2 Windows Server 2008 R2 guests and 1 Windows 2003 server guest (our Domain Controller). We also have one Windows 2000 Server computer, a Windows 2003 Server workstation and a dozen workstations running Windows XP SP3.

    I am looking for a solution that I can push to the servers and workstations (I don't always have physical access). A feature that is important to us is that updates to the programs and definitions do not require system restarts. We operate 24 hours per day 7 days a week, and to reboot the servers is a Big Deal. We are just looking for antivirus. No content control etc. No messing with my sockets, darn it!

    I tried a trail Kaspersky and it caused BSOD on the 2008 R2 server. Eventually wound up trashing the guest and rebuilding. I tried Bitdefender Cloud but it has issues with deployment and frequent reboots on updates. We were using Symantec Endpoint Protection 11 but it interfered with an application we use extensively. SEP did not require restarts on updates (however it may be that the updates were not run until the systems were restarted).

    Future plans include a VMware license, adding a second processor and RAM to the VMware host, and half of the XP workstations will become thin clients. The rest of the workstations will become whatever version of Windows that is current at the time as they are replaced. Plans subject to change, of course.

    Any ideas and suggestions appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    We used Vipre Antivirus for Business for several years. The price was always reasonable. We dropped it when we decided to go to with Windows Intune which includes end point protection for client PCs.


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    Some antivirus products have an exclusion function that allows you to exclude specific software programs from being scanned by excluding their pathway (C:\Program Files\Blueberry Software, for example), so you should check if Symantec Endpoint Protection offers that function and give it a try. If not, this document might be helpful:

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    Eset Endpoint Security.

    I've encountered big problems with Kaspersky on a small business network in the past, but ESET Endpoint is lightweight on the workstations and has some very nice remote admin console tools that will run on your DC.
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