I am running WIN98/SE2. I am trying to set up my machine so that I can use a larger (20 GB) but slower IDE drive as a backup device for two SCSI HDD's (@ 9 GB) using Norton Ghost to create the backup.

Symantec caused me some considerable discomfort with the following paragraphs which I found at:


"Ghost refers to this function as a Disk to Disk clone, or as cloning Disk to Disk. The disk you copy from is called the source disk, and the disk you copy to is called the destination disk or target disk.

CAUTION: Do not start the computer after cloning until the instructions say to do so. Starting a computer from the hard drive when the computer has two Active partitions can damage program installations and trigger configuration changes that you might not be able to reverse without restoring backups."

At present, I have 3 HDD's installed. I know I used Ghost's clone to copy the contents of a now retired machine to a new SCSI HDD before I returned the old one to my vendor for replacement. It ran on the original WIN98. I also have a copy of those files on the IDE drive, at present.

If I set up the BIOS to boot from the IDE, the machine boots in the earlier version of WIN98. I think this means that it must have the 'active partition' mentioned by Symantec. I have not tried booting from the abovementioned SCSI drive to which I cloned the contents of my old machine.

Should I be troubled?

Should I just reformat the two drives? I have not done a very careful comparison of the two SCSI drives to be certain that the new one contains all of the useful files on the old.

Should I partition the IDE drive into two equal partitions so that I have two identifiable 'drives' to which to send backups?

If anyone knows (I recognize it is 'off topic' for this forum) am I safer using the 'image file' method with Norton Ghost than with the 'disk clone' method?