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    Converting embedded Excel table into Word table (Office2000)

    We have material that needs to be sent out in Word, which includes complicated embedded Excel tables. Once sent out, we need to have all Excel connections severed and the tables need to be converted into Word tables (not picture).
    I have tried saving as RTF, but the Excel connection remained.
    Copy and paste (and then deleting the Excel object within Word) worked, but it is so not elegant.
    Another option is to work on two separate documents and copy&paste before sending, but again this is not optimal; so I find users working on Word tables to begin with and doing all calculations manually.
    Does anyone know of a simpler/more direct method to change an Excel object within word into a Word Table?

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    Re: Converting embedded Excel table into Word table (Office2000)

    Hi Ofra:

    I answered the question in another forum but will repost the information here. You mentioned that you were inserting the Excel charts by using Paste Special & choosing Excel object.

    When you Paste Special as an Excel object, you paste the table in the drawing layer. As such, you cannot simply select the table & press Ctrl+Shift+F9 to break the link. That only works on in line text.

    You have a couple choices. You can paste it inline as a link to begin with. When you paste special, choose either HTML, or formatted text. Also tick the paste link box. Then you'll have an inline table that can be unlinked.

    Alternatively, take your table object, right click it & choose format object. On the layout tab (Word 2000), choose "in line with text". Then you can select & unlink it with Ctrl+Shift+F9.

    Hope this helps.

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