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    Fields on a report

    I have a field on a report that when it growns is pushing a single line to the top of the next page. Is there a way to force it to put it all on the one page or force the entire content to go to the next page?


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    Hi Richard,

    In Access 2003*, you can experiment with View | Sorting and Grouping
    Select the field of interest as the Field/Expression and try changing the Keep Together property to Whole Group. That might give you the effect you desire.

    You might also try experimenting with the Section property. For example, with the Detail Section selected, if you look on the Format tab of the Properties sheet, you should see Keep Together property. Try setting it to Yes, to see if this produces the desired result.

    * Sorry, I'm not using the newer versions of MS Access on a daily basis, so I cannot tell you how to find the equivalent functionality in A2007, A2010 or A2013. It is there, you just might have to play the Where's Waldo game to find it.
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