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Thread: Ubuntu 13.10

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    I downloaded 14.04 a while ago, putting it as I usually do on a Pen Drive for Linux. That arrangement lets me carry it (or any other version of Linux) on a flash drive on a key ring, and install it on any computer at any time if I want it or need it, or otherwise run it as a trial directly from the flash drive. It is a form of insurance if Windows runs into significant trouble, and it will install itself neatly as a dual-boot system with a minimum of effort. I installed it yesterday on a desktop computer in circumstances that invited it: Windows will run but I could not get it online, even though it reported that it was online but not connected to the internet.

    Ubuntu got online with no trouble, both from the flash drive and once installed, and I had it installed and running in a no time, dual-boot, and with the usual small footprint, giving me a welcome alternative to the still-misbehaving Windows. The only thing I tried is Firefox on a newspaper site where the videos drive me crazy, and that performance was no better on this system than under Windows, so it’s presumably the site. The system looks fine, but I’d really like to try one of these other variants that are said to be close to Windows.

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    The variant that most people say is most like Windows is Zorin. It has options to look more like Windows XP or more like Windows 7.

    However I prefer Linux Mint 16 Petra with Cinnamon.

    You should also consider Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.

    I really prefer LMDE (Linux Mint Debian Edition), but before I can really go to there, I need to become more familiar with the Debian way of doing things.

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