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    New (replacement) H/W problem with already established drive C:

    To begin with, sitting on my lounge-room floor, I have all the components to build a brand-new Haswell PC system using Windows 8/8.1. I need to say that so that readers don't respond to my question below by saying to simply build a new system. I'm already about to do that.

    However, I also need to retain my old XP system for some time yet. I have some mission-critical H/W and S/W that I need to keep and I'm not at all worried about MS stopping XP support in 2014. The problem with that is that my current mobo has an intermittent fault and cannot be fully trusted. I have also purchased new H/W to replace that, notably, an ASUS P8Z77-V LK motherboard and an Intel i5-3470 cpu plus appropriate RAM.

    In the past, when I have built my own PCs, this is what happened: I assembled the H/W and then loaded a version of Windows onto the empty hard drive. The computer then booted well and took me into a Windows system with no proper drivers. I was then able to load the drivers disk into the CD drive and install the proper drives. Happy ever after! I've done this numerous times.

    That's what I expected to be able to do with my XP replacement new mobo, cpu and RAM. After assembly, the H/W booted well and I explored the new ASUS UEFI BIOS before proceeding. It was all excellent and I naturally felt very pleased with myself and wanted to proceed to boot through to my current, fully installed and much-used Windows XP hard drive. I would then be able to install the proper drivers for the new mobo.

    Nope! A blue screen of death informing me that I had wrong drivers! Well, duh! Of course I have - let me install the new ones. I tried this a number of times as well as checking my H/W installation several times over. The H/W build seems perfect. I don't know what to do next. How can I install the new drivers if I have no booted Windows? Anyone? I might add that I stripped all cards/devices out so that all I had left was my original drive C:.

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    Don't do this, please. Posting at one single forum is the way to go about this. Discussion proceeds here:

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