I was looking at my music this morning on my 8.1 RT and saw that almost two thirds of it hadn't synced. I went to the app help and found some tips there, but they didn't help. I next went on line to Xbox Music Support site and read what they had to say and if I'm correct its no wonder that my Windows 8 Phone music looks the same.
From what I was able to garner it appears that Xbox Music will not sync any music that isn't in the Music store? Also I have several albums that are in the music store but were not purchased from there and Xbox still wont sync them. I reset all of the default locations and made sure the music was in one of if not all of the folders I want it to sync to.

I'd really appreciate some help with this.


Update! I was able to get some more of it synced, but still some music still isn't syncing. An example is Bette Midler's Experience the Devine. I purchased the CD years ago, it is listed in the Music store, but it still won't sync.