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    Three good Windows 8 apps — and two lousy ones


    Three good Windows 8 apps — and two lousy ones

    By Lincoln Spector

    Most Windows 8 users probably stick with tried-and-true classic Windows desktop applications and avoid the Metro alternatives. That's generally a wise choice, but if you stick only to the desktop environment, you'll miss some very useful, entirely free, little programs.
    On the other hand, you'll miss a lot of junk, too.

    The full text of this column is posted at (paid content, opens in a new window/tab).

    Columnists typically cannot reply to comments here, but do incorporate the best tips into future columns.

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    This article is a bit amusing. Lincoln Spector sets out to tell us about some "very useful" "Metro" apps. But as you read through the article, you get the impression that he is more of a salesman for the Metro mode than a happy camper. In other words, he is extolling these app not because he thinks they are great apps, but rather because he feels that he needs to sell Desktop people on the idea of "Metro".

    He opens by saying, "I suspect that most of today’s Win8 users spend much of their time getting lots of work done in the old-fashioned Desktop environment, running classic Windows applications. But if you spend all your time there, you’re not benefitting from some fun and useful freebies."

    He then proceeds to tell us why we might want to sometimes venture into Metro mode -- there are some useful programs there:

    For example, File Brick: "the app doesn’t support simple drag-and-drop, nor does it let you copy a file’s or folder’s path to the clipboard," and "Oddly, the default home screen offers no way to get to your documents or drives. But that’s easily fixed by creating shortcuts to them." The final ironic statement: "I wouldn’t want to depend entirely on File Brick, but when you don’t have a mouse handy, it’s a big help."

    File brick sounds like a pretty lame program. And, if I'm a Desktop user who ventures into Metro mode on occasion to use programs like File Brick, I WILL have a mouse handy; you can't do much in Desktop mode without a mouse.

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    The only one I tried recently wanted me to put in the network address instead of showing me my list of network places to choose from, like any half competent program would. I could even copy it over from a separate list if it would just allow drag and drop or even be capable of showing me that list side by side without going through several additional steps, I could type it in...oh boy.
    I'm sure there are useful ones there but I think it's going to take a new generation who grows up using them and who don't realize how self-contained, linear and dumbed-down things are becoming.

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