In an old thread (, one solution that was given, which is pretty cool, is to create an empty file called XXX.FND. I found creating a file with any other name doesn't quite work (at least not in my pc). When I first did this, the icon for the XXX.FND file was a magnifying glass on a folder. It worked exactly as I wanted it to - click on it and you go to the puppy. Windows+F takes you to the default search tool (not the same thing).

Anyway, I played around with the XXX.FND file and found that it is linked to something called Saved Search. I don't know whether it is an action or an application. Apparently, for the FND extension to work properly, it needs to be linked to both, i.e. have an action which is linked to an application. Can anyone tell me what these are - the action and the application? I think Saved Search is the action. But what is the application? The reason is, I somehow screwed up the connection between the extension and the action/application and now the file does not work as it should. I need to reset the links and to do this I need to know what the action and application are.

Many thanks.