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    Windows 8 Upgrade From Windows 7 Home Premium

    I bought an HP Touchscreen computer with Win 7 Home Premium with the promise of an upgrade to Windows 8 when it became available. So I upgraded to Windows 8 Pro and Media Center via the special deal at the time. I have the product keys for each installation and the downloaded upgrade install files for Win 8 and Media Center. I do have an image of the current installation via Acronis. My question is what do I do if my C: drive fails. I think I can just recover the C: Drive via Acronis. But if this does not work (never done it before), will I have to reformat, install Windows 7 Home Premium from the original recovery partition, then install the upgrade Windows 8 Pro and Media Center (forgot to mention, these are all 64 bit). Fred Langa has authored several articles about recovery using the install media for Windows 8. Can I do this even though my install media is the Windows 8.0 upgrade files from Windows 7 Home Premium?

    I am sort of a newbie to unusual situations but can handle more routine actions pretty well.

    Thanks for your attention and help.


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    Aye, for the upgrade media, there has to be a qualifying product that the Win 8 upgrade can detect. Doesn't necessarily have to be Win 7 but if that's what you have...

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    I'd make sure you had a good backup of your system before starting, so that you can recover if things go wrong. If your Acronis image is good, then have at it.

    You said that your Windows 8 is 64-bit. What about your Windows 7? It has to also be 64-bits if you're going to do an upgrade. I believe you said that all is 64-bit, but I'm just making sure.

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