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    Unhappy opening scans in Word

    I've been using Word since its inception--this week a phenomenon occurred I cannot explain; i.e. when I go to Word and try to open a scan (and I have a lot of them), dbl clicking it produces a screen of gibberish that's unintelligible (to me)--thru painstaking effort I found a way to open them (on this computer--my other 4 work just fine)--I R click on the scan name, choose "open with" (or "open") choose Office, and voila --the scan opens--I went to default programs and set all scans to open with Office--all that did was place an Office icon in the name of each scan listed--BUT--dbl clicking it produces the aforementioned gibberish--PLEASE HELP--and thank you geniuses out there...

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    You have not been opening "scans" in Word since its inception. Word's inception was in the 1980's and it was a clunker. It would barely read a text file.

    Version of Word currently using?
    Computer operating system?
    Are these the same on all of your computers?
    Why open in Office rather than in Word?
    What is the file type (of the scan) being opened? .pdf, .tif, jpg, .bmp, .doc, .docx?
    Is the file processed for optical character recognition before you attempt to use it? Your scanner software may be doing this.

    Word, generally, does not read "scans." It will insert pictures. The latest version works with pdf files more than earlier versions.
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    By "scans", I assume you mean PDF files.

    According to the commentary I have been reading:

    No version of Word prior to 2013 can open or edit a PDF file. If you've been opening PDF files in Word, it may be that Word was opening a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader. Or perhaps you had a PDF add-in installed in Word which allowed you to open PDF files in Word.

    If a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader was opening, then perhaps the PDF file association ("open with") got broken.

    If a PDF add-in was installed, then perhaps it got corrupted, moved, deleted, or uninstalled.

    There's always the possibility that some Windows or Word update got installed which is causing this problem. If you can determine the exact date and time that the problem started, you could try uninstalling any updates which got installed right before that time and date.

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