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    Help!!! Page Numbering Multiple Sections (Word 2000)

    I have a Word 2000 document with a total of 23 pages. It has multiple section breaks (next page and continuous). On several pages, there are two or more continuous section breaks because of columns and tables. I am having difficulty with the page numbering. Is there an easier way to make my page numbers work without having to use the "start at" for the pages with multiple sections?


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    Re: Help!!! Page Numbering Multiple Sections (Word 2000)

    Presuming that your numbering starts at 1 and continues consecutively through to the end, the section breaks shouldn't cause any problems. Having said that -- is section one set for Different First Page? (under Page Setup, the Layout tab) If so, that attribute may have continued throughout the document. If your page 1 doesn't have a number, you'll have to go to the second section and check that different first page is NOT checked. You will also want to turn off Continue from Previous section in the footer for section 2. It should be ok to have it on for section 2 on, since the page numbers will be "continuous".

    Hope this helps.


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    You hit the nail right on the head! I unchecked the different first page in section 2, and that corrected my problems.

    Thank you so much! <img src=/S/bravo.gif border=0 alt=bravo width=16 height=30>

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