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    Wireless Remote Desktop Losing Connection Windows 8

    This is a domain network and some terminals are wired and some are wireless on a Mesh network.

    The wireless wifi with Windows 7 don't appear to be having this connection problem...just Windows 8.

    Someone will be connected via Remote Desktop to one of our servers and working in an application via wifi.

    Suddenly, everything freezes up with a message that connection has been lost. So then I go to PC desktop and left click on network and sharing, which brings up a blue sidebar with possible things to connect to. It claims I am connected. I go in and disconnect the wifi and then reconnect the wifi. Go back to Remote Desktop and, sometimes, the connection will be back, but not always.

    This seems to affect just Remote Desktop. I really do have access to wifi, but it's like Remote Desktop isn't so sure. This happens multiple times a day, but only on Windows 8. If I connect an ethernet cable to the PC, the problem seems to go away.

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    Do you have the latest BIOS and latest drivers?


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