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    Need update re my Win7/ Win8 eBook guided recent installs.

    Pls ďre-adviseĒ my Win7 and Win8 successful eGuide(d) installs on (2) PCs, in prep for abandoning WinXP-sp3 on my marginal Dell PC, slated for Linux. With the recent controversy re 7's Security Essentials/ 8's Defender and conditioned by the fact that my WinXPís 360 still has a half year to renewal, I'd like to utilize that (3-PC) Norton license to also secure Win7/Win8. Should I or shouldn't I? Other?

    Another issue re my Win8 PC has just recently arisen. Per Win8 eBook Guide, I evaded establishing a Microsoft Account and signed on as a Local Account. Iíve recently uncovered info? that "Local Account", presents an issue with MS Store to download Win 8.1, unless one knows the right work-arounds. Pls advise on ďwork-aroundsĒ and advisability of same; or should I bite the bullet and succumb to opening a Microsoft Account?

    As background for your response , our home has a (4) user, wired ethernet 1gbit LAN, with a WI-FI/n Access Point for visitorís Android tablets, etc. Win7 will lnherit heavy duty DeskTop usage from WinXP, Win 8.1 is reserved for second userís Windows needs, other (2) desktops for Linux continued learn, experiment and safer surfing/eMail. Meanwhile, I'm methodically culling XP's program/data files and transferring to Win7.

    I, who inherited the burden as Admin of all units, donít have the time/patience re security/updates thus largely rely on WinSecrets and HowToGeek+ to most efficiently pursue my LAN/PC duties. I donít aspire to Windows guru status, but I will be pursuing in-depth Linux know-how.

    Thank you in advance for your comments.


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    Please read the other threads in this forum as they have already covered this territory.
    Expecially: How-to-create-or-download-a-Windows-8-and-8-1-ISO
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