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    Cryptolocker registry export to others

    The article about Cryptolocker and using Software Restriction Policies was very good. Now that I've added those rules, I searched the registry and found their location under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Curre ntVersion\Group Policy Objects\{15B0F9E2-A9A1-417B-94EE-8C46DDD8317C}Machine\Software\Policies\Microsoft\W indows\Safer\CodeIdentifiers\0\Paths.

    If I right click on Paths, click Export, and create CRYPTO_FIX.REG, can I now email CRYPTO_FIX.REG to someone else, they double click on it, and it installs these paths on their computer? This assumes that both computers are identical in hardware and software. I have about 40 non-networked computers that I need to fix, and this seems like the way to do it. Am I wrong? Thanks!

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    Yes it should work, but if these machines are not networked, how will they receive the email and how can you be certain the patch has been deployed?

    Remember that these software restriction policies are only a temporary block and the threat will likely morph to execute from other locations. In addition to the restriction policies, educate users not to click on things they shouldn't, deploy proxies and web filtering to prevent access to unnecessary resources and ensure robust and non-local backups are kept and tested.
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