The full report or selected contents can be found here:

There is also a blog post by Tim Rains, Microsotf's Director for Trustworth Computing:

From the blog post, which is based on numbers that can be found in the report, two key figures seem worthy of mention:

1. Although the exposure to malware was found to be similar for all Windows versions, infection rates were increasingly higher for older OS versions, with XP rate almost 6 times higher than Windows 8.

2. The reference to what happened when XP SP2 went of support - 66 percent more infections than XP SP 3.

The SIR reports are published regularly and I think they provide valuable information. The numbers can be totally disregarded or not, it's up to the readers, but I do think they should be known regardless of what anyone thinks about them. They are posted here for information only (no, I am not part of any big or small conspiracy to push anyone to dump XP. Anyway, in my own personal opinion, if anyone thinks Microsoft would intentionally mislead users, probably their OSes, regardless of how old or new they are, shouldn't be trusted either).