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    Microsoft KBs' and as Susan Bradley would say: "what to do"

    Fellow Loungers; come together now and commiserate with me and give your advice regarding a number of patches I'm undecided about whether to install or not to install for various reasons. I run Windows 8. I posted here because I felt the subject matter has to do with security versus posting at the Windows 8 thread.

    First on the list is KB 2862966 from August 13. Any information I've found from the patch early release is bad news. Problems galore. Can't find any recent scoop, say from the last month. So I'm not going to install at this time unless you have information that the patch is bug free and not causing trouble. KB 2802618 (October 8) is next. I don't have a clue as to how well this update behaves when installed. Please advise. KB 2869628 sounds harmless enough as a so-called "compatibility update". But is it playing well with your machine? KB 2876415 was once labeled optional on my computer but now isn't. It is a update rollup from September 13 which I'm inclined to install as it is a rollup. But can't find any problem information. So I ask, any problems on installation? KB 2883201 also labeled optional is a rollup from October 13 and the question remains if you've installed this one, are there problems. KB 2885699 (October 31) seems to be a warm-up prior to Win 8.1 install. Beyond that I have not found any specific info. What do you say?

    Finally on the list are 8 kernel patches (MS13-081) for Windows 8 that Susan Bradley wrote on October 24, "Iíll keep on top of these updates in the Windows Secrets Lounge". Exactly where do I look for her suggestions in the Lounge. Is it the section, The Lounge - Windows Secrets Columns?

    That's it! Thank you in advance for your assist.

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    Many people here have successfully installed the patches. If you are concerned make a backup before the install.


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    An alternative approach is to accept all the Windows Update patches when offered, as if truly thankful.
    Life is too short to spend so much time worrying about what could possibly, maybe, occasionally, go wrong.
    Should a rare particular patch not work ideally, it usually isn't too difficult to uninstall it, and wait for the fixed version to be delivered.

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    And as Joe states just make an Image prior to installing the updates. In this way of something really bad happens you can restore the PC in about 10 minutes in most cases. Except for a relatively few optional patches, I have always installed all the available patches knowing that if one made problems for me they can either be uninstalled or I can easily restore my most recent Image (usually less than a month old).
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