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    What happens if Exchange loses internet?

    When our internet went out for 2 days recently our Exchange server was not online. So what happens to emails sent to our server at that time?
    When I first setup our server, I disconnected the server from the internet and sent a few emails from Hotmail and waited a few minutes. When I reconnected the server, the emails were instantly received. Looks like this wasn't the case because no one received any emails during the recent internet downtime.

    So what happens if Exchange loses internet? Do the emails wait on Gmail (or Hotmail, etc) servers? Do they bounce back to the sender?

    If they are truly 'lost', what should I do for backup? I read about Google Postini...


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    The incoming email will be queued by the originating servers. Between 48 to 72 hours is typical before expiry of the message. If the originating server is configured normally, the sender will receive a non-delivery notice if the message fails to be delivered to the recipient server due to it being offline.

    Google, or other 3rd party systems (e.g. Exchange Online) can be used to provide high availability alternatives to an onsite Exchange server, or as a fall-back. There would be costs associated and you would also need to adjust the MX records in your DNS.
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    Mail should have been queued for the time of the outage and then re-sent when your server came back online. Users would normally receive an NDR advising that mail can't be sent and will be re-tried for X hours. If the mail is never delivered a second NDR advising failure is sent to the user.

    cheers, Paul

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