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    Email Client recommendations, help with live mail client

    I've used yahoo web mail for years and have tons of messages in folders. I don't like the new yahoo mail changes though, most specifically the removal of having multiple messages open in tabs, so I'm looking for a W7 email client and haven't had much luck. I want tabbed messages and folders. Labels might be nice but folders are a must. I also want to leave my mail in the cloud as a backup and be able to download and organize it all in the client. I've tried many clients recently and haven't found any to love. Opera Mail seemed the closest with tabs, but doesn't seem to have folders. And when I pull a lot of messages in it doesn't seem to be possible to sort by sent date. Some messages show dates like "8/5/2013" while others are "Fri 01 Nov" and some show only a time "10:33 AM" in the sent date column.

    Any suggestions for a good client?

    I've been trying WLM and I really like the layout on a wide screen a lot, but I'm having other issues. Multiple messages open up in separate windows which isn't great, but might do, especially with the inbox and message side by side. The deal breaker now seems to be that the search function doesn't work for me. I have probably 1,000 messages from a web site I'm a member of and I often have to search on user ID to find messages I've exchanged with other members over time. I can look at a message and search for the user ID that is in the message and search doesn't find it, even with "show all messages" in the filter/view thing. (BTW, the views seem totally inscrutable to me.) Right now I've set up a test yahoo account and I'm forwarding mail to it with WLM pulling from that account. I can't imagine the search is disabled by forwarding a message though... Is WLM really a useable client or is it just full of bugs? Help...

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