I have a desktop and a laptop presently using 8.1.

Skydrive syncs and works fine on my desktop....

But it has stopped syncing from my laptop.


1) New files (created from the desktop or skydrive.com) are not downloaded to the laptop...)

2) Files created in the skydrive directory from the laptop do not show up elsewhere (on the desktop or skydrive.com).

3) In file explorer, the skydrive Icon has those two blue arrow things. (The blue "Activity" icon or whatever).

4) The metro app shows the "movement" icon at the top of the screen, as if it's downloading / uploading.

Other data:

Skydrive was working fine before the 8.1 upgrade, and was working for a while after the 8.1 upgrade.

But it somehow fell out of sync "all of the sudden".

My laptop "fell off" the sync somehow.

I've tried restarting, reconnecting wi-fi, and disabling the skydrive service.

Still nothing.

Any help?