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    Is there a recommended dual wireless access point configuration?

    My current wireless router is unreliable and I want to replace it. My house is sort of long and narrow and a single wireless box does not cover it all with an adequate signal. I have two well-separated points in the house with wired access and I tried putting separate wireless routers at each, but my gadgets don't smoothly hand off to the stronger signal -- when I walk around the house, my phone will stick with a crappy connection to the more distant router as long as it can.

    I understand there is a wifi technology which works like an amplifier so that as far as gadgets are concerned, it all looks like a single network. This seems to be what i want, but I'm not sure what it is called -- so far, I've been unsuccessful it finding routers which support this.

    It seems to me that my ideal setup would be two wireless access points which are both wired in to the lan but which show a single "face" to the gadgets so my phone, for example, just picks up the stronger signal. Is this available? If so, are there recommendations for hardware to buy? If not, I know that there are extenders which pick up and rebroadcast a wireless signal. Again, any recommendations?


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    I'm partial to Linksys and Cisco.....You can mixmatch brands, but it's always best to keep the same brand for a more seamless connectivity and functionality.
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