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    Using Win7 Live Mail 2012

    I have successfully created a Windows Live Mail enviornment under my Administrator Account. However, when I log on as Guest and evoke Windows Live Mail it is as though I am about to set up a brand new version of windows Live Mail. I don't see my accounts, email or storage folder or email messages! I'm attempting to use something other than my administrator account for safety and anti hacking reasons. Can someone offer help on this problem?

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    That's how it's supposed to work, keep separate users separate.
    You can, since you know the names and passwords, set Windows Live Mail accounts up the same as you have them on the Admin account. If you are going to do this on a regular basis I would skip the Guest account and add a personal regular user account for those purposes. The other possibility is go to user accounts in control panel and convert your admin account to normal account.

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    You and this form seem to be one of the few places that know anything about WLM. I have been trying to find a practical users manual for WLM. I'm not an IT or techie, managing business info is what I do. Ive been using PC's since the Vic 20 and used every version of MS office, DOS & Windows and have been on the net since 93.

    Have yet to find a practical users manual for WLM. Can you just point me.



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    You can point the WLM Store to the same location from different users. Open WLM in the new user account, then go to File, Options, Mail, Advanced, Maintenance. Click on Store Folder, then Change. Now point to the location of the WLM folder in the original user account (S.B. in the User, User name folder and listed as Windows Live Mail)

    Now both user accounts should point to the same WLM folder. This is also how you would move the WLM folder to a different partition or drive if you were separating your data from the OS. I do this with all my data using the approved method.
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