I thought I share my solution to Ubuntu 13.10 with the usb keyboard and mouse stops working at some random time!

Now I have looked for solutions online and tried nearly everything I could think of!

I tried the following.

Used a different mouse including a ps2 and usb.

Used different usb ports.

uninstalled the x.org mouse input drivers and reinstall x.org mouse input

Unplugged all usb devices except for keyboard and mouse.

checked the Ubuntu system disk for errors in recovery menu.

other solutions mentioned on Google did not work.

*Note this is without Ubuntu 13.10 installed!*

Now the solution!

After blood sweat and tears and a lot of time I found that it was the ACPI in Ubuntu causing the issue. I tried this method because I have got my system dual booted with windows 8.1.

1. insert Ubuntu 13.10 system disk in drive.

2. When purple screen shows press any key.

3. you should then see this screen *Note Not the actual screen of Ubuntu 13.10 desktop recovery mode but is similar*


4. press F6 and select acpi=Off and noacpi

5. Then you want to select test Ubuntu.

6. Finally! install Ubuntu by clicking the icon that says "Install Ubuntu 13.10"

There is a way of solving the issue if you currently have Ubuntu 13.10 installed. You need to edit the boot configuration and add those boot parameters in the boot configuration.

I hope this helps those who would love to get Ubuntu working correctly on their system!