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    Delete partition from Flash Drive

    I received an 8GB flash drive from a friend which has two partitions :

    One about 60MB that contains a FLV file
    The other about 7930MB that is now empty (I removed the files that I needed from it).

    I am trying to delete the former partition (it shows up as a UDF CD Drive) and create a single 8GB flash disk without success.

    Tried all the usual stuff :
    * Disk Management under Control Panel
    * Formatting under Windows Explorer
    * Formatting from a CMD window in Windows
    * etc

    Tried to find advice (or free software utility) on the internet but nothing that I have found seems to work.

    Does anyone have any ideas ?

    Attaching a snapshot of the two partitions that make up this flash drive :
    Partition F is the 60MB
    Partition K is the 7930MB

    Thanks in advance
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    Disk Manager should allow you to delete the existing partitions and create a new FAT32 partition. Why doesn't DM allow you to do this - what error messages etc?

    cheers, Paul

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    That's because it's not a normal "hard drive" style of partition. Normal partitions are defined by the partition table in the first sector of the hard drive. Disk Management (and all other partition managers) can only work with partitions, but in this case the firmware on the flash drive has reserved some of its space to emulate a CD drive, and not making that space available as a normal hard drive partition that normal partition managers can work with. You need to visit the website of the flash drive's manufacturer and look for their special software that mates with the flash drive's firmware to remove the emulated CD drive.

    (Incidentally, some external hard drives--notably some series of Western Digitals--use a similar technique. You think you're buying a blank external drive to partition and format with regular tools, but instead it comes with part of its space dedicated to an emulated "CD drive", and when you plug the drive into a USB port the "CD" autoruns, installs WD's security software, and prompts you to choose a password with which it will encrypt the drive.)

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    There are several FREE Disk Manager programs out there, like "EaseUS" Partition Manager that can allow you to repartition a Flash Drive.

    Or you can just delete the files from that partition and then USE IT as it is. That might be your simplest solution.

    Good Luck,
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