I have created a training tutorial for Microsoft Office 2007 using PowerPoint and screen shots with hotpoints (when a user clicks on the print button I display a print dialogue box on a different slide, using hyperlinks and action buttons).

I'm hoping to build some e-learning quizzes, see below for an example


I will give the student a paper based quiz and they carry out the following in Word on a file supplied

Change the first line of text in paragraph 1 to font size 14
Change the color of paragraph 2 text from black to red
Insert a table with 3 columns and 5 rows on page 2
Insert a supplied image from your memory stick
Change the size of the image

However it is very cumbersome to cover all scenarios, and the number of potential screen shots grows to be very large.

Is VBA the programming language to automate the process of a quiz using Microsoft Word/Excel/Access/PowerPoint?

Can the quiz be done as a client/server setup with the feedback going to a LMS?

Is it possible to create an quiz app that will work on a tablet/smartphone?

Do I need Office locally/online or is there a virtual Office App that mimics possible scenarios?

All your help is greatly appreciated