I understand from a recent message from a Microsoft engineer that the feature to import multiple data files simultaneously into Outlook 2013 is not available. However, I gather that it may be possible to do through a VBA code (Macro) to automate the process. I welcome suggestions on how I might proceed because I as a home user have never undertaken any VBA programming. To provide background, I should note the following: I have been using Systools' Dbx to Pst File Converter to convert dbx files (taken from my Outlook Express previously running under Windows XP) to pst files for use in my Outlook 2013 running on my new Windows 7 machine. I now have approximately 250 dbx files (folders) which I have converted to .pst files suitable for importing into Outlook 2013. I see that each converted file has the following file name structure "Converted_myoldfoldername.pst". I have started to import each one separately into Outlook 2013 by using Outlook's import/export function. Through this process, I see that Outlook automatically and correctly strips the "Converted_" from my file name and puts the file correctly into the properly specified data file under Outlook 2013. However, I am discovering that I currently need to move through multiple steps involving 17 to 18 clicks of my mouse to incorporate each pst file into Outlook. I am looking for a way to import multiple pst files simultaneously into Outlook, but I see that the import/export function in Outlook 2013 limits me to one file for each importation. Is there some way through VBA coding to import multiple .pst files at one time into Outlook 2013? I welcome your feedback and thank you for your time to save an old man from carpal tunnel syndrome. I would need explicit instructions on how one might implement any VBA coding which might be devised.