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    Windows 8.1 ISO Install Test

    Well folks, I just got through performing a successful Windows 8.1 upgrade install test with the ISO I had made previously with the advise of this tutorial from TweakHound.
    Since this was the only tutorial I found that actually worked for me in creating the ISO in the first place.

    As you might already know, if your product key did not work when you had originally attempted to create the ISO image, a dummy key would have been needed.
    It can be obtained here:

    I make mention of the above because when I started to install the 8.1 ISO, it wanted a product key, and again, only a dummy key would work.
    It does not matter if the dummy key you used to create the ISO is different from the dummy key you enter to get the install rolling, and I can
    offer no explanation for this.

    The installation itself took approx. 20 min. with the computer booting several times, as per the downloaded upgrade install via the
    Windows Store method at it's install point.

    Activation proceeded normally with my original Windows 8 product key.

    Prior to the Windows 8.1 ISO upgrade install I made certain that there were no updates available in WU, and this
    is what updates were available in WU after 8.1 installation;
    (Note the Dates)

    On a side note here, I had previously upgraded to 8.1 when it first became available for download in the Windows Store, but I had
    decided to go back to W8 because of random rebooting issues I encountered while using the internet...and only while on the internet.

    I decided to run "winsat formal", see here for more info.
    As it turns out that the running of the above command displays a kind of Windows Experience Index which leads me to believe the whole random
    booting issue is driver related. I experienced a random reboot while winsat was running through my graphics performance.

    If anyone else has anything to add on this ISO creation and installation method, please...

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