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Hmm, just tried it. Not anything wrong so far, doesn't seem all that much faster (but this is really too early to say). But what concerns me is it changed my search engine without a by-your-leave, and clicking on my FF icons just starts WF. And looking in Revo uninstaller, it just has FF, but not WF. So how do I go back if I decide it's not for me?

OK update - if neither FF or WF are running clicking the appropriate icon starts that version,and clicking the other starts that version as well. So clicking FF first means that clicking WF will start FF and vice versa. But Revo still only shows FF.
I use a different Firefox-based browser, PaleMoon, which I recommend very highly. After reading your message about Revo not listing WF, I went to my copy of Revo to check about PaleMoon. Both PaleMoon and Firefox are listed. And on my desktop, the icons are quite different from each other, and they work the way they're supposed to, totally independently. Another thing I like about PaleMoon is the very responsive developer, who is active on the forum and has been very helpful to me and to others.