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    Protected worksheet with subtotal function

    The worksheet I created has a subtotal function within it and it is also a protected worksheet.

    The problem is as follows: With the PROTECTION on I cannot access the SUBTOTAL FUNCTION to switch from the expanded view to the condensed (subtotal view).

    Is there a resolution to this. I did not not see the option to change from the SUBTOTAL to the EXPANDED with the PROTECTION on.

    Thank you.

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    By expanded and condensed I guess you are referring to what is also known as grouping in Excel.

    Every level of protection (there are many options) of a Worksheet disables the expanding and condensing of groups, so there's no simple workaround.

    If you are able to unprotect the Worksheet yourself then you could write a Macro to unprotect, expand (or condense) and re-protect - and assign this macro to an object such as a button. But if there are many different subtotals that you might want to expand or condense then unprotecting manually would probably be a much less messy approach.

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